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Alparslan Avci


Alparslan works for Hazelcast as a Software Developer. He is a passionate Java developer, and loves to think in distributed and object-oriented way. Prior to joining Hazelcast, Alparslan worked in several Java projects including a web search engine and enterprise financial anti-fraud solutions. He also contributes to open-source projects like Apache Nutch and currently a PMC member in Apache Gora. Alparslan holds a MS degree in Software Engineering of Distributed Systems from Kungliga tekniska hogskolan in Stockholm, Sweden.

Distributed HTTP Caching in Cloud Native

Cloud, Containers & Infrastructure

Microservice architecture is now a part of any developer’s life as we go deeper into cloud native applications. However, some trade-offs exist in this popular architecture, such as the difficulty of application updates in a service mesh. Same issue raises when adding a caching layer to your existing microservice application ecosystem. Caching becomes a must when you have so many services in your service mesh, but how can we implement a solution without ruining the current implementations? In this presentation, we will discuss about how we can add distributed HTTP caching to your architecture without updating the existing microservices. Firstly, we will talk about the problem with real life scenarios, and then provide a hands-on resolution by using Hazelcast IMDG which is a popular in-memory data grid. The resolution will be based on sidecar pattern. The attendees will easily understand the backend architecture and topology of the solutions with simple live demonstrations during the session.

Scheduled on Friday from 16:20 to 17:10 in Room 7