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Aleksandr Barmin

EPAM Systems

I've been developing software since 2010 (I've started work as a software engineer significantly earlier, but the first full-time job I got was in 2010). During this period I've been working in many business domains - workflow systems for leading Russian companies and transporters as well as content management systems for foreign customers. In these projects, I've taken part not only as a software engineer but also as an architect.

Different projects were built on different technologies. I've been working on projects based on IBM Domino, IBM FileNet and Content Navigator using Java EE but my latest projects are primarily built on top of the Spring Framework. I also like building fancy user interfaces using React and Angular.

My professional activities are not limited by software development but I also interested in development of others. I've participated as a speaker in TechTrain, ITSubbotnik and ITNight conferences, took many internal and external talks at meetups organized by EPAM.

Building the full-stack serverless app with AWS Amplify

AWS Amplify is a set of tools that allows building modern web and mobile apps in minutes. In contrast with the traditional approach when you have to initialize the backend, design data model and expose API upfront, AWS Amplify allows you to kick-start and deploy the application in a few clicks.

Out of the box AWS Amplify allows building REST and GraphQL APIs on the backend side which works on top of the DynamoDB and AWS Lambda, easily integrates with other AWS services like Cognito and S3.

At the same time, AWS Amplify has a pre-built library of UI components that encapsulates cloud-connected workflows inside the cross-framework UI components.

During the talk, I'll show how to kick-start a SPA application, build and deploy it, and implement cloud workflows like authentication and push notifications.