Public offer


Online store, here in after referred to as “the Seller”, publishes an official offer to any individual, here in after referred to as “the Buyer”, collectively referred to as “the Parties”, to enter into an agreement of sale and purchase of tickets for entry to the event remotely by means of acceptance of all its essential conditions without the signature of the written copy by the Parties. The valid agreement has effect in accordance with Art. 633 of the Civil Code of Ukraine and is equivalent to an agreement signed by the Parties.


1.1. The Seller undertakes, at the request of the Buyer, to provide the creation and transfer to the ownership of the Buyer, and the Buyer is obligated to pay the cost of the personalized electronic ticket to the event generated on the Internet site (hereinafter – “the Ticket”).

1.2. The Buyer orders and buys the Ticket to meet personal needs that are not directly related to the business activity or the performance of the duties of the employees.

1.3. The Seller sells the generated tickets on the basis of the Order, which the Buyer makes on the site (hereinafter – the Site) on his own.

1.4. The Ticket is characterized by a code which is assigned automatically by the system, by the date, by the name of the event, by the price. Information about the Ticket should be on the Site and may be specified by the Seller.

1.5. The Purchase by the Buyer of the Order means acceptance of all terms and conditions of the Public Agreement of Sale and Purchase and is the fact of its conclusion.


2.1. The Tickets are generated and sent to the Buyer’s e-mail address immediately after the payment of the ticket.


3.1. The total price of the Order is defined as the sum of the prices of the Tickets, which make the Order.

3.2. The Ticket prices are displayed on the Site.

3.3. The Seller may provide the Buyer with price levels in accordance with the Discount Table on the Site and other circumstances at his own discretion.

3.4. Payment for the Tickets is made in UAH based on the Order:

3.4.1. The Seller can pay by the payment card on the Site through the payment system.

3.5. The return of paid money is carried out in cases and in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine on the basis of the Buyer’s application.

3.5.1. Refunds are made on the current or card account indicated by the Buyer.

3.5.2. The Buyer has the right to submit an application for returning the funds in electronic form, provided that it is sent from the email address indicated during the registration of the client on the Site.

4.6. The price for a ticket may include a commission from a Seller who sells tickets as a commercial agent under the terms of the contracts for the provision of commercial represenation services.

4.7. The Seller’s fee is paid by the business entity whose goods are sold through the Seller’s Internet site.


5.1. The conditions for the return or cancellation of the Tickets are displayed on the Internet site

5.2. If you want to return a ticket write us an email:


6.1. The Seller warrants the validity of the Tickets in accordance with the requirements established on the territory of Ukraine.

6.2. Terms of performance of the warranty obligations of the Seller, the procedure for applying for a warranty claim, as well as the procedure for returning the Tickets, are determined by the Internet site


7.1. The Parties are responsible for fulfilling their obligations under the Agreement in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine.

7.2. The Parties shall be released from liability for the total or partial non-fulfillment of their obligations if the non-fulfillment is the result of force majeure circumstances such as: war or military actions, earthquake, flood, fire and other natural disasters, acts or actions of state authorities, change of customs rules, restrictions on imports and exports that arose independently of the will of the Parties after the conclusion of the Agreement. The Party that is unable to fulfill its obligations shall promptly notify the other Party of the occurrence of such circumstances.

7.3. The Buyer bears full responsibility for the correctness of the emails, contact details and personal data he has specified at the Site, and agrees to inform the Seller about their change within 3 (three) days, and in case of non-notification, there is a risk of offensive related adverse consequences.


8.1. The Agreement is deemed concluded from the moment of receipt by the person who sent the proposal to conclude such an agreement, the response to accept this proposal in the manner prescribed by part six of Article 11 of the Law of Ukraine “On E-Commerce” and is valid till the fulfillment by the Parties of their obligations thereon.

8.2. The Buyer agrees to process his personal data, which are indicated during registration, according to the legislation of Ukraine on protection of personal data.


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