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Useful tips:

  1. The most convenient and obvious type of public transport is, of course, the subway. The Kiev metro is divided into 3 branches along the two riverbanks. The central metro station is “Maidan Nezalezhnosti”. The Kiev metro costs 8 UAH. You can buy a metro token at the box office before the escalator.
  2. The bus costs about 10 UAH. The fare is paid to the driver. Trolleybus and tram cost 8 UAH. You must purchase a pass from the conductor and punch it. Otherwise, the state control may issue a fine.
  3. Remember that in Ukraine you can only use the national currency (UAH). Therefore, upon arrival be sure to exchange money in the currency exchangers.
  4. The event venue is Parkovy Exhibition and Convention Center. It takes 5 minutes by taxi or 25 minutes by foot to get from The Maidan Nezalezhnosti station to the conference hall. A map is provided below.


      5. Taxi apps: Uber: Android and IOS Uklon: Android and IOS Taxify: Android and IOS

      6.Public transportation website, an app is also available.


In a few days in Kiev you can make time for everything: dance, try Ukrainian cuisine, listen to jazz, pray and and even leave a footprint in the heart of the mother of Russian cities forever. We have compiled a list of Kiev symbols so that you could understand the main ingredients of our favorite city and why you should try it. A lot of what has been done for the first time in the world, or using unique technology. can be found in Kiev Great things!

  1. So, we will begin our list with the most iconic symbol – Kyivska Perepichka. This legendary place can be called only in Ukrainian. The smell from the kiosk beckons passersbies no less than McDonald’s. The place’s phenomenon is inexplicable. People are ALWAYS queueing. But people are attracted not only by the hot dog smell, but also by its low price. By the way, its taste has not changed in 35 years.
  2. We would like to include a university to the list of Kiev symbols, so let it be KNU named after T. Shevchenko. Specifically, the Shevchenko University Park. More precisely, Shevchenko Park chess players. Most of the chess players are retired. This is not a joke that people come to the park every day, some players have been coming here for 40 years (!), they kick out the 20-year-old amateurs from their chess tables and start playing. Such traditions touch your soul.
  3. If you want to see modern art, go to the Peyzazhnaya Alley. Here you will find amazing sculptures – cats, zebras, the Little Prince and flying, dancing and smiling fairy-tale monsters. This is the best place for walks, meetings and festivals. Nowhere else in the city can you climb into the cat’s mouth and take a picture there.
  4. Walking to the Golden Gate (Zolotiye vorota) subway, stop at the Golden Gate itself. You can read about the Golden Gate in books on Ukrainian history, but you will find nothing there about the ravens who live on Reiterskaya street. Near 9-B house three ravens live in a huge cage – they were saved from the street (each bird has a different story) by one of the Kiev residents who decided to leave since he was not sure that birds will survive in the wild. The place is open to visitors, so you can easily come to see the handsome ravens and talk to them about life. We want to remind that ravens are predators, so don’t put your fingers into the cage. Crows live for about a hundred years, but you still need all your fingers.
  5. Now we would like to tell you about the first all-welded bridge in the world – the Paton Bridge. It also symbolizes the great morning and evening Kiev traffic jam, 1.5 km long which connects our two banks, Ki and Yev (or just connects the left and right banks). The bridge’s construction lasted for 13 years (until 1953), the bridge is still one of the most important Kiev junctions.
  6. In 1905 Kiev witnessed a new, previously unknown to Kiev residents mechanical mode of transportation – the funicular (cable-railway). It has survived several major repairs, several revolutions and will surely survive tourists making selfies against its background. The funicular is at least conveniently connects Podol and Mikhailovskaya Square. And it is still a strange type of transportation which is also quite safe. It moves at a speed of 2 m/s along the same route, 75 meters long and feels quite new at an age of 110 years.
  7. The funicular takes us to the Andreevsky spusk (descent). This is a must-visit destination for any tourist and Kiev resident. Why is it called a descent and not a rise is a question about optimism/ pessimism, it’s up to you to decide. The main thing is that there you can always buy a picture, embroidery, wooden mace and socks there. From there you can get to the Sofia Square and visit 2 shrines – St. Michael’s and St. Sophia Cathedrals.

We might have left out about ten more amazing places, events, edible and inedible things – We recommend to to buy a map with Kiev’s places of interest.

We love Kiev!