Devoxx Ukraine 2018

After the Big Bang our unique Universe was created from an infinitely small atom. Space and all its objects appeared and continue to exist in non-stop development mode. Nowadays technological progress is so rapidly taking the lead that humanity barely keeps up with it. So there came out Devoxx Ukraine – in order to keep tech pace up steadily.
In 2018 Devoxx UA Conference took place in November, 23-24 in Kyiv, at CEC “Parkovy”. That top-tech intergalactic trip was visited by 1200 people from different countries, such as Belgium, UK, Poland, France, Morocco etc. We gathered the best 65 speakers from all over the world to bring your knowledge to a completely different level. The “star” ones among them were at the forefront of Devoxx UA high-tech spaceship, sharing insights and trends with all participants!

Here we selected Top 10 Devoxx Ukraine Talks of 2018 – a smart stuff to consult or just refresh in your memory

“Don’t Walk Away From Complexity, Run” by Venkat Subramaniam

“How is this” by Lawrence M. Krauss

“Exploring Coroutines in Kotlin” by Venkat Subramaniam 

“Break me if you can: practical guide to building fault-tolerant systems (with examples from REST and gRPC polyglot stacks)” by Mykyta Protsenko, Alex Borysov

“The adventures of Senior Holmes and Junior Watson in the world of software development” by Baruch Sadogurskyy, Evgeny Borisov 


“Exploring what’s new in Java in 2018” by Miro Cupak 

“Software Engineering Theory vs. Practice: A Song of Ice and TireFire” by Baruch Sadogursky, Evgeny Borisov 


“It Scales Until It Doesn’t” by Yaroslav Yermilov, Dmitry Tiagulskyi

“3 common pitfalls in microservice integration and how to avoid them” by Bernd Rücker 


“Java Puzzlers NG S04: Ha, it seems that with this release cycle puzzlers came here to stay!” by Baruch Sadogursky, Evgeny Borisov