DEVOXX 2022:
September 2, 2022


About Devoxx

Devoxx is the biggest worldwide Java conference with access to hundreds of remarkable international speakers, huge content databases, and new speech formats. It is an annual international conference with more than 60 global speakers – well-known Java-professionals from the US, Canada, Western Europe, and other countries.

The extended Devoxx family welcomes annually more than 17 000 developers spread across Belgium, UK, France, Poland, Marocco and an additional 14 VoxxedDays cities around the globe.

Devoxx4Kids brings coding magic to 10 000 children through chapters all over the world.


We were not ready to wake up on 24th of February from shellings, explosions, and air raid sirens. We were not ready to see tanks in the streets, destroyed homes, thousands of civilian victims, including a devastating number of children. We were not ready to leave our homes and seek shelter in other countries all over the world. Russian aggression has started a horrible war in Ukraine and forced us to live in a new reality with millions of refugees, deaths, and fear for our future.

The world has united for Ukraine! Hence, we had no doubts about the main theme of our Devoxx Ukraine 2022 conference. Secure our Future is our call to a global tech community, and we are united around the main purpose that is to raise funds to cover military needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. We are certain in our strong position to protect our freedom, democracy, and life!

We are going to talk about Global Security and how IT industry helps during the War, in particular on:

– How can Software Engineers help the Army except donating for Bayraktars?

– How shall personal data and privacy be protected?

– With wider adoption of robots and robotics industry development, is there any threat for humans?

And these are not all the main themes that we will highlight during our event.

Our goal is to raise €50K! And we do believe that together we will reach it. All funds raised during our charity event will be spend on 16 DJI MAVIC drones, that could help our defenders to protect our country in their most effective way.
We are collaborating with Charity Foundation of Serhiy Prytula and we have several reasons for our choice.

You are rocking!


 / €50000
* includes individual and partners' donations

We are collaborating with the Charity Foundation of Serhiy Prytula and we have several reasons for our choice.

Our main criteria for a charity organization were:
  • non-governmental organization
  • providing humanitarian and military help as well
  • totally reliable and trustful organization
  • quick and secure transfer of funds to use them immediately

Serhiy Prytula has been helping the Ukrainian Army as a private volunteer since the russia occupied Crimea and Donbass in 2014. In 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic, Serhiy started the Charitable Foundation for non-military aid. In February 2022, after russia launched a full-scale invasion, the Foundation joined the Army supply movement, covering the needs of both the Armed Forces fighters and members of Territory Defence units.

What's on?

This year, Devoxx Ukraine will be held as a 1-day online event with different session types (regular talk, small-talk, deep-dive, keynote) in 3 steams where developers and architects will come together and explore the latest technology advancements and fascinating ideas with some of the most inspiring speakers in our sector.

Speakers 2022

Taras Boychuk

Founder of Bobocode

Rustam Mehmandarov

Mary Grygleski


Mark Heckler

Dev/Advocate, Microsoft

Mohamed Taman

CEO at SiriusX Innovations

Andrey Kucherenko

Chief Software Engineer, EPAM

Bruno Souza

Java Evangelist

Heinz Kabutz

Venkat Subramaniam

Co-founder of Conference

Grace Jansen

Developer Advocate at IBM

Jarek Ratajski

Hugh McKee

Аlina Yurenko

Advocate of GraalVM, Oracle Labs

Anastasiia Voitova

WWCode Kyiv

Victor Zhora

Currently Deputy Chairman and CDTO, SSSCIP Ukraine

Burr Sutter

Ruslan Synytsky

CTO, Virtuozzo


To be announced soon
Devoxx Ukraine Tracks
Java & JVM

Java language, JVM, performance tuning, modularity, concurrency, frameworks, Reactive Programming, etc.


Reference Architectures, real-world problems, Architecture best practices, Architecture Patterns & Tactics, Scalability / Security / Resiliency / etc.

Engineering culture

Software engineering practices, tools, methodologies and engineering culture in general.

Cutting Edge

IoT, 5G, Robotics, Embedded devices, Green Tech, Climate & Ecology and any new emerging technologies.


AWS / GCP / Azure Clouds, Serverless, Reference Cloud Architectures, new Cloud Services and Offerings.

Containers and DevOps

Kubernetes, Docker, DevOps practices and tools, CI/CD, etc.

Web & Mobile

Modern Web and Mobile technologies, frameworks and tools.

Big Data & ML

Search Engines, Data Lakes, Spark, Hadoop, Supervised Learning, Unsupervised Learning, Deep Learning, Data Science, AI, ML Algorithms, ML cloud services, ML frameworks.


Provide a first class tech conference where passionate developers can network, hack, get inspired and learn throughout.


Devoxx is a conference by developers, for developers. It is offered at an affordable price so that every developer can enjoy the experience.


Devoxx Ukraine is a community effort. The team is made up of senior developers, user group leaders and passionate experts.

Make any donation in most suitable option to obtain access to the online event. We will send all of the collected funds to the Serhiy Prytula Charity Foundation.

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